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Thanks, Moscow (and Pullman, and surrounding communities)!

I really wasn't sure how yesterday's Backyard Bake Sale would go... The weather report leading up called for rain, the holiday weekend unofficially started a day earlier than I had anticipated, and I'd heard a lot of folks would be out of town. I wouldn't have been surprised to be standing behind my bakery case twiddling my thumbs all day.

But as it turned out, I was steadily met with familiar faces and new all morning long. It was a total blast for me to get the chance to chitchat with neighbors whom I'd not yet met, new customers that happened upon our promotional cards downtown, yardsalers who happened to pass, and friends who showed up to support us and get a hold of their favorite treats. I know that so many businesses boast their "client base" is the best, but YOU people? YOU rock! I'm truly grateful to have the very best customers imaginable. Thank you!

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