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Back to It!

It’s nearly a month since Goose House Bakery’s introduction at the 1912 Center Winter Market, and while I’d fully intended a post-market blog post about the day (what an exciting success!) somehow, the weeks sped by without blogging at all. Where did the time go?

Frankly, the first few days after the market went to putting my feet up. By the time we’d cleared out of the 1912 Center and unpacked our boxes and platters from the back of the Subaru, I was tired. That said, Molly and I owe everyone who visited our table a hearty thanks, as we had hardly a crumb in the way of inventory to haul home. What an affirming welcome—this community likes its cake (and cookies and bars), and we are glad.

Since then, we’ve been busy! Special orders for birthday cakes and holiday party desserts have rolled steadily in, and now we’re in full production mode for this Saturday when we return to the Winter Market. Our list of offerings includes much of what we brought last month (Chocolate-Peanut Butter Bar anyone? Perhaps a slice of that Poached Pear Tart?), including cookies and bars, and cakes sold by the slice or entire. This time, we’re mixing in a selection of new delicacies as well, and we’re eager to see what you think.

So if you missed us last time, or if you’ve just been missing that Rosemary-Lemon Bar, Saturday is your chance! We’ll be at the 1912 Center Winter Market from 10am – 2pm.

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