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First one down...

This weekend we made our first wedding cake as Goose House Bakery. After over 15 years of making wedding cakes professionally, I thought the days of getting nervous about the planning, baking, decorating, and delivering of cakes were far behind me. I had invested a bit of my heart in each of the gazillion cakes I'd done in the past, knowing that it was something pretty integral to the wedding memories of the clients. I had always taken such care, but nerves didn't enter into the equation much as time went on... Until this weekend.

It was a small, sweet little cake, and the planning was easy -- thanks to a wonderful client! -- and the baking went off without a hitch; the icing and decorating went well, too. The thought though, of driving a car with a wedding cake in the back for 15 miles caused some stress that I hadn't anticipated having at this point in the game. For the first few miles, I may have frustrated one or two drivers behind me by my speed (or, rather, lack of), but pretty soon I had the hang of it again. Whew!

So with that, Goose House Bakery is officially up and running, with more wedding and special orders coming up later in the week. And now, with those initial nerves out of the way, we are ready to roll!

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