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-"Where is the bakery located/what's your phone number?"


Goose House is a home bakery (for the most part - more on that later) and since I run the business from my family home, I don't publish the address or number on the web. I'd like to be as accessible as possible though, so when you place your order through the website, I respond with my contact info, including phone number and address.


-"How do I place an order?"


I take all orders though the 'Contact/Order' page of the website. Just follow the three easy steps there I'll get back to you as soon as possible.


-"How do I get my order when it's ready?"


I offer free Moscow delivery or pick up, and schedule each by appointment. In my response to your order inquiry, I'll ask the date and time that would work best for you and schedule it in if it's available. My pick up/delivery schedule is generally very tight (I line up several per day) so your promptness is always appreciated!


-"How many bakers are on your team?"


Goose House is a one-person company, so I'm it! I do my best to respond to emails/phone messages as quickly as possible, but often I'm in the kitchen whipping up treats, on deliveries, doing my bookkeeping, participating in community events, holding wedding consultation appointments... you know, all the stuff that make a bakery run.


-"So, you bake EVERYTHING from your home kitchen?!"


I bake all retail orders from my home kitchen as part of Idaho's Cottage Industry program. My recipes have been submitted to, and verified by, our district's health department for risk assessment.


Goose House also provides treats to local cafes. I make those wholesale items in a commercial kitchen that I lease here in Moscow. Goose House is fully insured, and licensed by the State if Idaho, NCD Public Health, and certified by National Registry of Food Safety Professionals.


-"Are you ever at the Farmers' Market?"


I participate in Moscow's Winter Market, but not in the Farmers' Market. Spring, summer, and fall weekends are generally booked up with wedding cakes and lots of other orders, and because Goose House is a one-person company, unfortunately I can't it all.


-"Do you love your job?"


Yes, yes, I do!


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