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FEAST (a visual and sensual feast at Little Pink House Gallery)

I am honored to participate in Little Pink House Gallery's final art exhibition of the season, FEAST, on Saturday and Sunday (11/4 + 11/5) from 10 am - 5 pm, in Genesee.

Now, I usually make decadent desserts to EAT, but this weekend, I'll have a few mixed media cakes on display in the gallery that will be a feast for the eyes... (oh, and there'll be Goose House treats for your mouths, as well!) As my loyal customers know, my philosophy on food is this: The deeper the flavor, the richer, the spicier... the better. My pieces for FEAST celebrate unadulterated decadence and the abundance of the season that I wish for you all.

The Little Pink House Gallery is located (in, you guessed it, a little pink house) in Genesee, Idaho. Follow the little pink house signs in town, and for more information, call 208-310-5510, or visit their Facebook page:

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